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Criteria for Application

Before completing this application, please ensure your program/project

can meet the following criteria for the donated funds:

  • The sponsoring organization must be a nonprofit and must have the ability to accept donations online

  • Funds must be spent on a specific project for the betterment of the local community, meet your mission, etc.

  • Funds must NOT be used for administrative or salary purposes

  • Funds must be spent within a year

Preparation for Completing the Application

We are really excited to get to know you and your non-profit!

Our application is designed to get to know you and your organization a little better. As we review your submitted information, we may reach out to the contact listed in the application. 

Before starting, please gather the following information/responses:

  • Mission of your organization.

  • Length of time the organization has been in existence.

  • Website and/or other public information about your organization.

  • Program/Project Name and description for which you are seeking funds.

  • Number, diversity, and location of people served.

  • How you plan to use the 100 Women for Good donation for your project.

  • If you were not granted the 100 Women for Good $10,000 donation, how would you fund your project?

  • If you only need a portion of the $10,000 for your project/need, what would you do with the remainder?

  • Outcomes you expect from the project. How will you measure success?

  • Does your organization have any non-monetary needs we might be able to make our members aware of?

  • Link to receive online donations from our members.


Applications received now until 10/25 will be considered for our November donation meeting.

100 Women for Good


Phone: 309-433-4405

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