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100 Women for Good Bloomington-Normal

What is it?

100 Women for Good is a group of 100 women who are passionate about making a positive and meaningful impact on Bloomington-Normal, the neighborhood we call home. Our goal is to bring together at least 100 women who will contribute financially to local nonprofits in Bloomington-Normal.

What does the process look like? 

There are 3 meetings each year. At each meeting: 

  • Qualifying programs will present their proposal to the members 

  • Members will vote on the program that will collect the donations from that meeting (see criteria and application process under the application page)

  • Members will donate $100 at each meeting directly to the program 

  • We’ll have some fun and social opportunities along the way!  

What do members do?

  • Attend 3 meetings a year and commit to donating $300 per year 

  • Vote for the presenting program that will receive the donation (must be present to vote)

  • If unable to attend the meeting then send a check (or submit electronic payment) within 7 days of the meeting to the winning program

  • Each member should ask 3 - 10 other women if they are interested in participating in 100 Women of Good (note that this is voluntary, but encouraged so we can maximize our donations!) 

How do I join?

  • Visit our Join Now! page to learn more about making a difference in our community!

Planning Members:

  • Marie Eledge, Toria McFadden, Tracy Warne, Kim Hess, Chris Lasky, Mendy Smith, Anita Wright, Nancy Beaty, Kentrica Coleman, Amber Cook, Jami Head, Gayl Ramsey, Linda Vincent, Beth Ward, and Tania Willis.

Follow us on social media:

We believe the synergy created by our members will bring positive change to our community.

Our Mission

100 Women for Good


Phone: 309-433-4405

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